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Third day abandoned at Blackpool

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There was no play in the Lancashire-Surrey game at Blackpool for the third day running due to a waterlogged ground.

There was no further rain on Friday but the Stanley Park ground remained sodden and the umpires had no alternative but to call it off, despite both teams being keen to get started.
Umpire Jeremy Lloyds said: "I've never seen a ground as boggy in my life.
"If bowlers run up over any period of time, they would be two to three inches into the ground.
"There is no way that we could ask anybody to play cricket out there."

Lloyds admitted there was a chance that not a ball would be bowled in the entire match, something that happened between Durham and Notts at the Riverside this month.
"If we don't get the drying weather - as you can see it is grey and overcast - then it might be the same again," he said.
"The run ups are very soft.
"Then the seamers wouldn't be allowed to bowl. You would have to bring the spinners on and then our feeling is that it brings the game into disrepute."