Tendulkar wants DRS modified

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India star Sachin Tendulkar feels the Umpires Decision Review System needs to be modified before it should be used in Test matches.

The UDRS is still in its infancy and it is up to the competing nations as to whether it is used for a series.
It was used last winter as England pulled of a sensational 3-1 Ashes success and is currently being used in the England - Sri Lanka Test series.
Most players and nations appear to be in favour of the technology, which has all but eliminated some bad decisions being made.

But the Indians have never warmed to the idea of taking the decisions away from the on-field umpire and they did not agree to it being used for the four-Test series against England later this summer.
Tendulkar, who will be the prized-wicket for the England bowlers when they face the Asians, has nothing against the system but feels the umpire in the booth should have more technology at his disposal to make his decisions are even more accurate.
"I am not against DRS, but I feel it will be more effective with the support of the Snickometer and Hot Spot technology," he said. "This will give more consistent results."